mordheim mmxxi – completed warband

well, the warband is complete!

i have been putting off sharing the final result for some time now, i haven’t been feeling very motivated to post anything model related for a few weeks. school is starting soon, and with that comes all of the various stressors and excitements that fill our brains each year.

i finally took some decent pictures of the whole warband, and i will share them with you here.

i definitely tried a few new things with this warband, and definitely pushed outside of my comfort zone in some regard. trying red and magenta oil washes for instance, on the ghouls, was a great experience, and i am sure to try it again in the future. they create a very nice flesh tone, especially when contrasted with the pale skin i chose for them.

also tried some new techniques with the basing! cutting squares and rectangles out of card and gluing them to the base to mimic cobblestones was a very worthwhile experiment. while hard to see on some models, i really enjoy the subtle detail it adds, lending to the overgrown nature of the destroyed town of mordheim. green and brown oil washes added a mossy look to some of these stones, also adding a pop of color.

additionally i tried some new products! i got a straw colored tub of sponge flock mixed with static grass from galeforcenine, and i am really happy both with the tone and consistency. very much inspired by the wonderful bases of @koltti on instagram.

working with old metal models always has its challenges, sometimes the faces aren’t that well cast, or parts are missing, or pinning is a pain. but i always will prefer metal models to plastic purely for aesthetic’s sake. even though these models were before my time, i definitely am nostalgic towards them in a sense, and appreciate how beautiful they are almost 30 years from their release.

these plastic zombie sculpts are what i would call rather goofy, but i am actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. nothing like adding some dryad parts and static grass in order to sell a classic overgrown aesthetic. they say the weald lives on in every project haha.

im putting these guys up for sale, in a way to honor how i received them. i got this warband used from an old school player who played mordheim with them back in the early 2000’s, and i took it upon myself to restore them to their former glory, and release them back into the world; a new take on a classic setting.

i truly hope you enjoyed following along as i worked on these guys, it was a very fun endeavor.

im not sure when i will work on model stuff again, i really don’t have the time nowadays unfortunately. i have some projects that i owe people that i am excited to work on, but those will not come to fruition until a few weeks from now when i am settled in.

that being said, i figured that i would say that i am forgoing any additional Weald development for the time being, until i really get excited about the project again :).

anyways, thank you guys, hope to see you soon!


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